Sip and paint in the comfort of your own home!

$25 per painter, $15 per additional painter at each location. Beginning June 1, 2020, the per painter fee is going to be a flat fee of $25 per painter.

V-TB (Virtual Tipsy Brush) parties are interactive live painting parties hosted by Tipsy Brush online! We use software called ZOOM, found at ZOOM.US. Software for you is free and easily downloaded on most pc’s and macs, even phones or tablets. You do NOT have to download the software, but you will have a little more functionality within the app when using it if you do.

Follow this link to our pre-recorded Q&A video that explains it all! It’s about a 14 minute video on youtube 🙂

This is how it works, you purchase your ticket through Facebook or online at TipsyBrush.com/calendar. There is a small convenience fee attached to purchasing tickets online. To avoid this fee you can also sign up with us directly by email/text/phone call. We will send you a confirmation and an invoice for the class (payment in full only) by email. (if you purchase your tickets online through FB or my website you will not receive an invoice unless you have more than one painter at your location – in June you can purchase all of your tickets online through Facebook, the flat rate per painter will be $25) You can also pay for the class at the studio by appointment.

Some supplies are available at Tipsy Brush Studio by appointment (prepay and curbside pickup only.
Paint sets 9 2-oz bottles $20 per set
2-oz bottle refills $10 per set or $2 per bottle
canvases $5 each 16″x20″
brush sets $10 each (set of 3)

Call or email us to order your set 530-209-7769, artbyraette@gmail.com

These are the recommended suppliers that I mentioned in the Q&A Video:
www.Udemy.com (for tutorials – my classes will be posted as completed) and I will post a link to my collection

Once payment is received you will receive by email a recommended supply list (click supply list link above to view/print) and any stencils you may need for the painting. The stencils can be printed on any printer and can be either transferred with the recommended transfer paper (or carbon paper) or cut out and traced (for silhouette type).

Once the class is paid for, you will receive an invitation to join a “Zoom Meeting”. Download the software (or not) and register to join. I will “accept” your registration on my end. It is recommended that you do this as soon as possible (even days before the class). Class will not begin until the scheduled time. When it is time for the class to begin you will be able to “start” on your end. I would recommend starting about 10 minutes prior to start time to adjust your mic/camera. By default they are “off” but you can change this once you start.

Get your family involved! One painter (zoom invitation by email) is covered by your fee. Additional painters at the same location pay only $15 per painter, but will also receive a recording of the event by email after the event. They will not receive a separate invitation as you have only one “access point” per $25 registration. All you need to do is notify us by text/email/phone that you have more than one painter we and we will send you an invoice for the balance due for the additional painters. Please understand that we want to be sure that we have the capacity to answer everyone’s questions during the live event, and we want to be sure everyone is registered so we can address these questions and not over book.

This virtual setting is all new to us at Tipsy Brush, so we will be working out kinks along the way. Our ultimate goal is for you to have a fun, relaxing time painting in the comfort of your own home. Just know that we are doing our best to bring Tipsy Brush to you!

Ready to see what classes are currently scheduled? Follow the calendar link below and look for V-TB in the title!

Class location – wherever you are!

Our location:
Tipsy Brush Studio
860 N Meridian Road Unit B6
Kalispell, MT 59901
owner/instructor – Raette Meredith