How to sign up!

4 options, from easiest to a little trickier:

Option 1: (easiest method)
call/text 530-209-7769 with your name/email/phone # and we will reserve the spots for you.
Option 2: (another easiest method)
email us your name/email/phone #, class choice and # of spots you’d like to reserve, we will reserve the spots for you.
Option 3: (easy method)
Sign up through our facebook events page:
Tipsy Brush Event page (easy method)
payment in full is required to purchase tickets on Facebook + there is a small convenience fee
1. Follow the link above
2. select the party you’d like to attend
3. purchase tickets online through facebook
       (you will receive a confirmation from Eventbrite for your payment, then shortly thereafter you will receive a confirmation from our booking software – no further payment will be required, it’s just a confirmation with event details that may not be included in the Eventbrite confirmation)

Option 4: (a few more steps)
Sign up here on this website:
1. Wait.. this page (sign-up) takes a minute or so to fully load
Once loaded, choose the class location from the list.
Scroll down and click “continue”
2. Choose the painting you want to do, click “continue”
3. A calendar will open and the available dates for that class will be highlighted. Click on the date/time
4. Enter your first/last name, email address and phone # (no passwords are required)
5. Change the # of spaces you would like to reserve, click “continue”
6. You will then be redirected to a payment screen.
7. If you choose “pay later” you will receive an invoice for $15 per painter (the deposit)
8. If you choose “pay now” you will be directed to Paypal. Payment in FULL is NOT required, so if you want to just pay the deposit, choose “pay later”
9. Click on “continue”
10. You will be sent to a confirmation screen.
11. You will receive an email confirmation, the a bit later you will receive an invoice for the deposit in a separate email, with several payment options.