about us

Raette has been painting professionally since 2004, and studying art since 1991. She is passionate about painting and all of the benefits that living a creative life provides.

Tipsy Brush was formed in October, 2014 when Raette was encouraged by a fellow artist to give teaching paint and sip classes a try. She was working at the Kalispell Grand Hotel at the time. Her manager allowed her to host a few parties at the hotel. The fun caught on quickly and she soon ran out of room to teach at the hotel. It was in February of 2015 that Tipsy Brush Studio on Meridian Road in Kalispell opened. The studio can hold up to 17 painters.

Private parties are super popular, because with anywhere from 4-17 painters the host can choose any painting from our list of paintings, versus waiting for us to schedule them.

Open parties are for anyone to sign up, and are hosted at 11am and 7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. We teach at Kalispell Brewing Company on the third Wednesday each month and Meadow Lake Resort in Columbia Falls every week!